What I love more than a great idea is a great idea that makes it to market, and wins!  Good execution is just as important as having a great innovation strategy that’s bought into by all in your organisation.  With the experiences we’ve had in the past 15 years, the execution of an idea to market requires these 5 things:

  1. Persistence:  Failing, learning, applying and go-again.
  2. Emotional attachment:  being emotionally attached to your idea and solution is a good thing, when things get hard, it’s the belief that will spur you on
  3. Discipline:  nothing better than a detailed project plan, roles, accountability and a want to do things right
  4. Tell your story:  no NDA needed, the more people you bounce off, the more diverse the thinking, the higher quality in your product
  5. Partner with someone:  don’t go on your own, within a business or in your own business, share the load, the thinking, the risk and reward

There are loads more, but it’s these are the things that have worked for us, and hopefully you can find some commonalities, too.


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